Open your doors to a safe home with our handy guide infographic! If you struggle to scan the infographic you can find a write-up of the complete article below.

Open your Doors to a Safe Home

Infographic Write-Up

“Home is where the heart is”

More than just a place to eat, sleep and live. It is an investment for most of the home buyers out there. These buyers ensure that their homes are a safe haven, and for this they have to take care of a number of factors. Let’s have a look at a few.

The exteriors are the first things buyers look at when they visit a home on sale. And the door is the first safety feature they walk through. No wonder your entranceway tops the list!

A Stylish but Sturdy Front Door

A stylish and strong exterior door can potentially give an ROI of 75%. Among all the remodelling projects, it is the least costly, with a national median cost of £1314.

Fire Extinguisher

29% of residential fires are started by appliances and electrical problems. Knowing the rules of using an extinguisher can save a home from burning down in 20 minutes.

Wireless Home Security System

They are the most popular among technology features buyers like the most. 50% of tech-savvy home buyers want this feature.

Homeowners Insurance

Home insurance costs UK residents about £288 per year. 6.8 million homes in the UK are underinsured.

Smoke & Carbon-Monoxide Detectors

In the UK houses with no smoke alarm accounted for 38% of deaths in fires. 37% of home fires are caused because of smoke from cigarettes, cigars, etc. going undetected.

An Emergency Escape Route

An exit plan comes in handy during disasters like a fire or an earthquake. Escape routes are usually more than 1m wide.

Why a Front Door is Worth Investing In

According to UKCrimeStats, there were 36,453 robberies and burglaries during September 2015. This increased by 8.9% to almost 40,000 during October!

How Do These Criminals Break In?

  • 72% via a door
  • 26% smashed a window to get in
  • 7% pushed past someone who opened the front door
  • 15% entered via an unlocked door
  • 27% forced a lock

83% of households had double or triple deadlocks on at least one of their doors. While 88% had locks on their windows.

Reinforcing your Front Door

A strong door can be reinforced further using these additional locking systems;

  • Door Bars
  • Door Chains
  • Mortice Locks
  • Door Intercoms
  • Door Cylinders
  • Door Viewers
  • Escutcheon Plates

Did You Know?

From Chinese philosophy to ancient Greek architecture, front doors are believed to be reflections of the personality of the homeowner. While a red front door signifies the owners to be hospitable and full of life, a black one signifies strength and authority.

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