Bay Windows

Panoramic Views You've Dreamed of

Bay windows allow you to enjoy a panoramic view of your outside space, and consists of an arrangement of three to four individual window units and adds a projection to the wall, that allows a lavish style from the outside. 

The bay windows we offer in Scotland are perfectly suitable for almost any home, constructed with the excellently rated UPVC, making it extremely durable and requiring little to no maintenance.

Why You Should Choose Bay Windows for Your Home

Having bay windows is more than just having an excellently placed design in your own home. There are a variety of benefits of having a bay window outside of its design.  Low maintenance and high quality locking systems are what brings the functionality of these windows to the top, offering convenience and safety for all homeowners

The ability to present natural light is one of the main and attractive features of a bay window. The abundance of natural light that these windows bring in your home is appreciated, allowing you to experience watching the sunrise filter through your room. 

Had four windows and two doors fitted.

Excellent service from start to finish from the salesman to the fitters five stars Art Windows. Would highly recommend.



2 new windows and a front door

Highly professional workers,Chris and James. The work was carried out with minimum disruption and too a high standard. Would recommend this company.



7 new windows and 2 doors fitted

From the onset this company have been very professional and efficient. The windows and doors are top quality and the workmanship of Bobby and Jason incredible.  I honestly cannot rate the joiners highly enough.Thanks guys



Installation of windows fitted by Bobby and Jason

Excellent work very pleased highly recommend.



Three new windows installed

Our windows were installed by Jason and Bobby and what a great team and really nice guys they are. They did a brilliant job, the workmanship is first class and they left the rooms spotless too.



What Is the Difference Between a Bay and Bow Window?

They are sometimes difficult to tell apart from the outside, but they do have one clear difference. Bow window units are planted onto the wall which means the projection created cannot be stood in. Bay windows have a projection to the wall which can be stood in from the inside.

Windows With Character

Bay windows offer an opportunity to bring in some lovely decoration, allowing your creativity to flow in your own home. You can show your own intuition with interior design by placing various plants and/or artwork along the edge. Not to mention great decorations for seasonal occasions such as Halloween and Christmas with the extra space provided. Fit for any home improvement.

UPVC Bay Windows

UPVC, also known as Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride, is a low-maintenance building material. It  is a cheaper alternative to expensive hardwood timber and aluminium which means we can provide you with affordable options. It’s cost-effectiveness and durability benefits have made it a very popular option for homeowners. 

Unrivalled quality assurance and proven great customer experience

Having formed a rich partnership with Kommerling, we offer unrivalled technological innovation and exceptional German design pedigree. Our glazing solutions are manufactured to BS7950 British standard and PAS23/24 security standards.

Why Are We Different?

We at Art Windows and Doors take pride in providing the absolute best services for your window and door needs. Our bespoke bay window designs show prestige and eloquence and will fit your preference inside and out. A variety of colour options (ranging from Woodgrain and Rosewood) and a range of options for looks (from the traditional Victorian to more modern choices), and diverse glazing options, your house will look perfect with our selection.

There is a known fact that approximately 25% of household heat is lost through windows, which we completely acknowledge.  More heating = Higher energy bills. Therefore, our products are designed and manufactured to ensure that your homes are safe and 25% more secure from the cold. 

With our A-rated bay windows, efficient and professional installers, we aim to provide all homeowners peace of mind.

Looking for a Different Style?

Casement Windows

Windows that are attached to its frame by one or more hinges to the side.

Sash Windows

A window with one or two sashes that can slide vertically to make an opening.

Reversible Windows

Reversible windows enable you to easily maintain your window from the inside.

Tilt and Turn Windows

Tilt and turn windows open inwards to allow flexible ventilation.

French Windows

Windows that create one large opening, without anything obstructing the view.


Looking to upgrade your doors? We stock a range of door styles for you to choose from.

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