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We are Art Windows and Doors – an established double glazing company that provides high-quality glazing products for homeowners in Kilmarnock and Ayrshire. Our team has over 50 years of combined experience fitting double and triple glazed windows and we can offer competitive prices on state-of-the-art, modern glazing units.

Kommerling double glazed windows are the best on the market, so we use them for all of our argon gas sealed and uPVC window installations. They are high-quality, durable products, which make them a perfect fit for anyone looking to invest in home improvements.

We stock many different styles of windows & doors designed to integrate seamlessly with the modern home. You can choose from from our stylish range of products to find the perfect addition to your home.

Feel free to talk to us about your double glazing needs. You can look at our quality products online and get a free quote or visit our Glasgow showroom to speak to one of our experts.

Had four windows and two doors fitted.

Excellent service from start to finish from the salesman to the fitters five stars Art Windows. Would highly recommend.



2 new windows and a front door

Highly professional workers,Chris and James. The work was carried out with minimum disruption and too a high standard. Would recommend this company.



7 new windows and 2 doors fitted

From the onset this company have been very professional and efficient. The windows and doors are top quality and the workmanship of Bobby and Jason incredible.  I honestly cannot rate the joiners highly enough.Thanks guys



Installation of windows fitted by Bobby and Jason

Excellent work very pleased highly recommend.



Three new windows installed

Our windows were installed by Jason and Bobby and what a great team and really nice guys they are. They did a brilliant job, the workmanship is first class and they left the rooms spotless too.



Unrivalled quality assurance and proven great customer experience

Having formed a rich partnership with Kommerling, we offer unrivalled technological innovation and exceptional German design pedigree. Our glazing solutions are manufactured to BS7950 British standard and PAS23/24 security standards.

Why You Need Double Glazing Kilmarnock

If you own a property in Kilmarnock, Irvine or East Ayrshire, then double glazing is an investment that’s worth seriously considering. It adds to the value of your property, makes day-to-day living more cost-effective and reduces the amount of maintenance your home needs. Here’s how you can benefit from double glazing.

Firstly, there are the obvious thermal benefits. The main reason people have double glazed windows installed is to make their home more energy-efficient. The extra insulation means your central heating uses less energy to keep your house warm, saving you money on energy bills and reducing your carbon footprint with one investment.

Double glazing also makes your house more secure. Thicker windows & doors are harder to break, making it less likely for burglars to target your property. You can’t put a price on the peace of mind that knowing your house is protected from intruders brings.

And it’s not just intruders you are protected from. Double glazing helps to prevent water from leaking into your home. Water leaks can lead to rot and warped windows, which are both very expensive to have fixed if they happen. Double glazed windows stop this from happening, reducing the amount of upkeep needed on your house.

All these things are what buyers look for in properties, which means your house will be worth more after you install new windows.

UPVC Windows & Doors and Double Glazing Repairs

There are additional measures you can take to help keep your home safe from the harsh outside. We manufacture a range of uPVC products that should protect your house from weather damage, meaning you won’t have to keep splashing out on window repairs.

While double glazing is extremely good at keeping out water, combining this with uPVC window frames is the most effective way of ensuring your home is safe from environmental damage. We use strong, lightweight plastic in our products, which is immune to rot, dust, termites and water damage, as well as aiding thermal insulation and noise reduction.

You can also invest in one of our uPVC doors for extra protection. They are a popular product amongst our client base, as they are cheaper and easier to maintain than traditional wooden doors. Wooden doors are especially vulnerable to weather damage and would cost you more in door repairs in the long run. Our doors are made with high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship for a state-of-the-art end product.

Looking to get a no obligation quote? Get in touch with our Glasgow head office on 01417747065 for more information about double glazing in your postcode.

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Our double glazed doors are made with care and precision. 

Contact us to find out more about our range of doors and double glazed products. We can assist you if you are working on a DIY project, or you have the help of an architect or installer.

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