An Expert’s Top Tips for Home Kerb Appeal

Art Windows & Doors have searched all over to find some of the best experts in the industry. We asked them for tips on how to improve your house’s kerb appeal. 

Have you chosen to sell your home? Then you will know all about how important first impressions are. When people are viewing your property, you want them to be impressed as soon as they get there. For so many of us, we forget how important that is. Even if all your rooms are decorated immaculately but have a messy front garden, people will unfortunately still remember a garden in disarray. 

However, this article is vital for people looking to improve their homes. Coming home to a beautiful-looking house is something we all want. The good news is, you might be surprised to see how easy this can be, thanks to the tips the experts have kindly provided.

Every person we contacted asked the same question: What do you think improves your home kerb appeal the most?

Yvonne Blacker is the creative director of one of the most inspiring design sites in the UK. The portfolio and blog have an incredible mix of beautiful and elegant creations. Find her site here. Follow her on Twitter @yblacker

“A sense of arrival is an essential element for improved kerb appeal. Is the landscape or front entrance prepared to welcome family members or guests? Is it tidy and well-lit? Is the exterior decorated in a way that delights or offers a glimpse of those who live inside? Simple touches like an eye-catching wreath on a freshly painted door, large-scale container gardens filled with seasonal plants, and decorative lighting to show the way in can set an approachable entranceway while adding to kerb appeal.”

Russell Whitehead is one-half of the renowned interior designer duo at 2LG Studio. Check them out on their website here.

Follow them on Twitter: @2lovelygays

“Nothing beats a crisply painted wooden sash window and panelled front door. And you do not have to stick to white for your window frames. Many people are comfortable with the idea of a bold colour making a statement on their front door, but if you bring this colour across to your window frames as well it looks so smart and brings the whole frontage of your house together for major kerb appeal. We’ve used a deep blush pink/grey for our front door and windows. We love it.

Keianna Rae Harrison is a very talented interior designer who runs a home design company, available here. Follow her on Twitter – @KR_RealEstate

“Some really simple updates like giving your home’s exterior a good bath with a pressure washer, adding a fresh coat of paint to the shutters and doors as well as removing unsightly grass/weeds growing up through cracks in the driveway or sidewalk go a very long way toward improving your home’s kerb appeal.

Little things like decluttering toys from the yard, storing yard tools neatly in the garage and removing cobwebs/yucky bugs from doors, windows and crevices show potential buyers you care.”

Kyle Hiscock is a licensed Real Estate professional who boasts years of valuable and unique experiences. He also runs a marvellous Real Estate blog which you can find here.

Follow him on Twitter – @KyleHiscockRE

“Kerb appeal is extremely important when selling a home. A home with poor kerb appeal will often be overlooked by many buyers. A home that has great kerb appeal leads many buyers to believe that the inside of the home must be as nice as the exterior.

Homeowners wonder what the best improvement is to make to improve kerb appeal. Without a doubt, the best improvement to a home’s kerb appeal is to plant bright plants, flowers, and bushes. A home that has bright landscaping is extremely attractive and shows that the homeowner truly cares about their home, and not only the interior!”

Karen Clough runs an inspired blog with many great home ideas, all of which are worth checking out. Find her site here.

Follow her on Twitter – @karenanita

“For me, it’s all about the front garden. When I bought my house, the fence was falling apart, and the grass and bushes were completely wild and overgrown making the property look tatty and abandoned. After trimming everything back, and replacing the fence (with a bright coloured paint too!) the house looked so much brighter and welcoming.”

Jeffrey Johnson is not only a renowned interior designer, but he also is an expert in real estate. His designs both impress and excite anyone looking for design inspiration. To view his portfolio click here. Follow him on Twitter @jeffreydesigner

“The Front Door is the most focal and design element of the home. The Front door is also the most frequent conversation piece and what it conveys to the personality of the home. I find many homes have the wrong style doors and can be challenging for homeowners to pick the right door. I do understand the pricing for doors is a very sensitive issue and intimidating to homeowners. It is not cheap to buy a door; however, it is critical to have security to protect loved ones living in the home.”

Brian Feeney is a Canadian Real Estate expert, boasting over 30 years of experience. His site is packed full of fantastic listings, all of which will provide you with design inspiration. Find his site here.

“The thing that best enhances kerb appeal is 2 fold.

A well-manicured yard is key. Having the yard look amazing tells the prospective buyers how you maintain the inside of the house. Usually, a bad yard means a bad house. No “pride of ownership”

A home that doesn’t look like it’s falling apart i.e. broken windows or terrible roof etc. Anything that you can do to maintain the home externally is huge.”

Dinah Wulf is a full-time writer and blogger who runs a truly special DIY blog full of fantastic ideas and inspiration. Check out her blog here.

Follow her on Twitter – @DIYInspired

“I think it is all in the details such as a nice garage door, address numbers and mailbox. I also like personal touches like wreaths on the front door, however, it should be minimal and not cluttered.”

Kristie Kruger is a Real Estate professional with many years of experience and an impressive amount of high-end listings.

Follow her on Twitter @KristieKruger

“Kill mould and mildew on the house, sidewalks, roof, or driveway.

A fresh paint job does wonders for a dingy house. Choose eye-catching colour schemes and Install a more attractive front door

Stow away unnecessary garden implements and tools and clean windows and gutters.”

Property Division is a UK news hub which is packed full of home improvement ideas, expert opinions and new trends. Feel free to check out their fantastic site here.

Follow them on Twitter – @propertyDvision

“Estate agents often advise homeowners who put their property on the market to give it a lick of paint, remove any clutter, install softer lighting and make each room more appealing to buyers. But it’s easy to forget about the outside of the property. This can be disastrous for two reasons: 

  1. The outside also makes up part of the property that you are trying to sell
  2. A property’s kerb appeal can often make or break a viewer’s first impression of it.”

Ramona Griffin is the owner of the award-winning G&G Interior Design, filled with beautifully graceful designs, from cosy cottages to home offices, there is something to inspire anyone on her site, which can be found here

“I think one of the main things that most improve a home’s kerb appeal is a lovely front door, whether glass or wood, that is painted or stained a beautiful colour. I also like to see layers of greenery around the home with higher shrubs in the back and beautiful seasonal flowers blooming in the front. And of course, a seasonal wreath or some potted foliage around the door on the porch always adds a welcoming feel to guests.”

Sharon Staley is an award-winning interior designer whose impressive creations suit both commercial and residential buildings, find her great site here. Follow her on Twitter @sharon_staley

“First I think that the front door is critical. I always try to do an oversized door when I can – such as 4′ wide or 9′-10′ tall. You always have to keep in mind the architectural features of the house to do this but many times it can be done. Also, a carved front door can make the kerb appeal more interesting. Always remember that the hardware for the front door starts the senses flowing – just the feel of the door knob in your hand sets the tone. Another element of the door is the addition of glass. One can add their personality by the selection of glass. Windows also can play a part. The one pane or divided lights can create a new look that can increase the kerb appeal. Just make sure the glass is sparkling clean.”

Karah Bunde is an exciting blogger who specialises in DIY projects. With many followers, her blog is full of inspiration for any type of home project. Find great ideas on her site here.

“I would say that good-looking shutters have a huge impact on kerb appeal. There is an easy Wood Shutter DIY to illustrate the point on my blog. ”

Michelle Ogundehin not only runs a wonderfully exciting blog, packed with design tips but is also Editor-in-Chief at ELLE Decoration UK. Please find her blog here.

“I think three things contribute to household kerb appeal… upkeep and regular re-painting of any exterior walls; trimming and clipping of surrounding hedges, shrubs and lawns; but the essential finishing touch has to be a beautifully painted front door, flanked on either side, if possible, with some smart lighting or pretty flower baskets. Symmetrical treatments are the best!”

Kimberly C. Lyons is a South Carolina-based interior designer who is renowned for creating unique interiors/exteriors. Check out her great site here. Follow her on her Twitter @kclidesignllc

  1. Detailed landscape – immediate improvement as well as a big impact
  2. Choose a unique colour scheme with several colours (when doing this, use one single colour combined with the overall colour scheme to create a powerful contrast)
  3. Replace the entry door (go bold such as red) and also dress the front door with a decorative object
  4. Dress windows – replace old worn-out windows, shutters etc.
  5. Create symmetry with large decorative pots, types of trees, etc.

Lynn Pineda is a fantastic real estate agent with years and years of experience. Lynn has a list of impressive and high-end houses which she expertly looks after. To find out what she has currently, please visit her site here. Follow her on Twitter @LynnPineda

“Besides the obvious, neatly manicured yards and trimmed bushes, you’d be amazed at what the effect of crystal clear, shining windows can do to a home’s exterior. Sparkling windows can speak volumes about what’s behind the home’s front door. Buyers will assume that if the windows are that brilliant looking, they can only imagine how wonderful the home’s interior appears and they’ll want to see the inside of this home!”

Clare Sleeman works at the hugely successful When it comes to tips on how to sell your home, Clare is extremely knowledgeable and we were lucky enough to get in touch with her. Follow them on Twitter @TheHouseShopUK

“Outdoor lighting, especially now that we are coming into the winter season and the days are shorter but the darkness is longer, having a well-lit front door to your property is important, especially if you are having viewings in the evening,

Not only is outdoor lighting a safety and convenience benefit, but also it’s so welcoming when you are walking up the path and the light automatically turns on for you, announcing your arrival. You can also plan some landscape lights to illuminate the way up to your front drive or garden, which can impact the overall appeal of your home.”

Barry Gilbertson is an expert in strategic solutions for Real Estate. His site is both entertaining and informative which you can find here. Follow him on Twitter @barrygilbertson

“Symmetry of window openings and a well-positioned door, which gives an overall feeling of elegance, charm and balance.”

The Handmade Home is a superb blog, perfect for anybody looking for some fresh design inspiration. To check out their unique blog click here.

Follow them on Twitter – @handmade_home

  1. Pressure washing is your best friend. You don’t realise how bad your outside needs a bath until you hose it down.
  2. The Power of Paint. Change your colours if you’re not happy with the way it looks, and revamp old paint jobs for a fresh take. You won’t regret it. Paint is one of the cheapest quick fixes to your home.
  3. Spruce up the garage, If you have a front-facing garage, a little hardware goes a long way with character.

Maxine Brady is an exciting and accomplished interior stylist for magazines and TV, as well as having a brilliant blog which can be found here. Follow her on Twitter for more design inspiration – @WeLoveHome

“I would say a smart exterior sets the right impression. I had all my sash windows restored. Then I gave mine a colourful makeover with a lick of paint in Little Greene Paint Companies Spearmint. I then replaced my old draughty door with a modern one with a statement handle.”

In need of some extra tips? Art Windows & Doors have compiled our own tips to improve your space:

What other things can you do to give your home roadside appeal?

Add new windows and doors to your property to create an abundance of kerb appeal. Buyers like to see good quality double glazing, smartly presented entranceways, UPVC frames, and composite door solutions that will give your home added value.

Grab attention with a feature gate

Gates are great for creating a positive first impression. Carefully choose a style that suits the architecture of your home and impress future buyers with your taste. Sliding metal gates will complement modern properties, whilst automated wooden gates look exceptional on country homes. Pick gates that reflect the period of the property and turn up the style stakes straight away.

Paint and point as required

Flaky paintwork is one of the last things buyers want to see. The same goes for weathered brickwork as well. Spruce up the exterior of your property, repoint brickwork and add paint where necessary to create the look of a well-tended property.

Create a welcoming approach

Consider the driveway, the path, and the steps to the front door. Sweep leaves and fallen debris away. Powerwash the area if necessary to remove moss, algae and stains, then clear anything that might be contributing to a cluttered look. Touch up railings with a fresh coat of paint, and if you have a porch or veranda, ensure this is well kept and free from unsightly items.

Add a little light

Tasteful lighting either side of your front door can be an impressive feature, and it’s nice to look at too! Don’t stop there, though. Use feature lighting to bring the garden to life. This alteration is a beautiful visual effect when inviting visitors to the property at dusk.

Keep on top of maintenance duties

Clean windows, attend to dislodged guttering, fix loose or slipping tiles and create the impression this is a well-tendered home. Buyers like to see a property they can move into ASAP that has been lovingly cared for by their previous owners. Keep on top of the maintenance, and this is the impression you create.

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