These Are The Most Searched Interior Designers in the World

Love interior design? you’ve definately Googled a few interior designers before! But, who do interior design lovers search for the most?

We analysed lists that feature all the ‘Top Interior Designers’ and used search data to reveal the Top 100. We did this by looking at the number of global, UK and US monthly searches for their name.

So let’s get to it, which interior designers have us curiously searching the internet for more details? 

Top 50 Most Searched Interior Designers: Globally

Global: Top 5 Most Searched Interior Designers

The most searched for Interior Designer is Joanna Gaines who came in first place with massive 199,000 searches a month globally. Joanna Gaines is a co-owner and co-founder of Magnolia and she was also a co-star of HGTV’s Fixer Upper with her husband Chip. In second place we have Drew Scott who is best known for his appearance on the TV Series Property Brothers with his twin brother Johnathan. Although Drew is a realtor, he became a big name in the interior design industry as he paved the way for accessible interior design.

Philippe Starck came in third with 73,000 searches. He is a French architect and designer known for his wide range of designs, including furniture, interior design and even vehicles. With 68,000 searches a month we have Jillian Harris in fourth position. She is best known for being a TV personality and interior designer. In fifth position, we have Bobby Berk with 66,000 searches a month. Similar to Jillian he is best known for being a TV host and an Interior Designer on Queer Eye.

Top 25 Most Searched Interior Designers In The UK & US

UK: Top 3 Most Searched Interior Designers

The most searched for Interior Designer in the UK is Angel Adoree with 30,000 searches a month. She became a household name when appearing as an Interior Designer and star of Escape to The Chateau with her husband Dick Strawbridge. George is the second most searched for Interior Designer in the UK with 25,000 searches a month. He is best know for being an architect but became a household name when he appeared on Amazing Spaces. As an Architect, he became obsessed with making the most of space and like to ensure the interior takes advantage of the space given. Sarah Beeny was third with 20,000 searches, she is a property and interior design expert who is best known for her appearance on Uk property shows such as Property Ladder, Property Snakes and Ladders, Streets Ahead and Britans Best Homes.

US: Top 3 Most Searched Interior Designers

Joanna not only tops the global most searched interior designer, but she also tops the US list too! Her Husband Chip who appears alongside Joanna on their show Fixer Upper came in at number 3. Are these the most searched for interior design couple? certainly looks that way.

Bobby Berk came in as the second most searched for interior designer in the US. He also came in at number 10 globally, looks like Bobby Berk is certainly one for Joanna to watch out for!


The list wasn’t exclusively restricted to those with an ‘Interior Designer’ title,  many architects and TV personalities have equally played a huge impact on the interior design industry and are therefore included in the list due to their popularity and ties to interior design.  We used lists like these to find popular interior designers and then entered their name into Ahref to reveal the number of monthly searches they receive globally, in the UK and US.

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