If you are looking at updating your windows and doors to uPVC windows in Scotland but are unsure of which design route to go down, then allow us to show you the beautiful history of stained glass windows. There is nothing more exquisite than a fantastically designed stained glass window. It has an elegantly powerful charm that can’t be matched. The majority of these types of windows are used in grand cathedrals, castles and churches, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take design inspiration from their style, colour and shape. There are some incredible stained glass windows in Scotland, but we have narrowed them down to our top 5 must-visit locations in order to help you decide on what kind of window you wish to have.

Little bit of history
Scotland has a rich and deep history spanning over thousands of years and in these years, Scotland has seen huge changes in culture, politics and architecture. Through this time, many significant historic events have taken place, all of which have been recorded for future generations to learn from. However, Scotland’s exciting history wasn’t always simply written down, sometimes it was captured beautifully in stained glass windows. When most people think of stained glass windows they immediately think it’s mainly religious pictures, but we are here to show you that this isn’t always the case. References to stained glass date back to the 7th century and over the years this art form has grown in popularity and importance. Some of the most beautiful stained glass windows around are from completely different periods, from the 13th century to the 19th century.

How they are made
To create such fascinating art takes skill and time. The original method of manufacturing stained glass was by melting sand, potash and lime together in clay pots and then adding metallic oxides, such as gold for red and copper for green. Designers would draw their designs on a whitened table top to show where the position strips and cut glass needed to go and then from there the glass was made. More modern techniques have made this easier over time, such as the use of glass cutters and smooth-jawed pliers used for awkward glass curves.

Time to get inspired
So, now that we have covered how this alluring art form came about, it is time to take inspiration from it. The places we have found and love are worth a visit for many reasons but we promise you that if you go you will not be disappointed. Not only do they stand the test of time but also have the power to leave you speechless at their dramatic design. Let’s see what your uPVC windows could look like…

Glasgow Cathedral
The divine Glasgow cathedral has been attracting tourists and locals for years for many reasons. It boasts a rich and deep history, impossible architecture and an interior of pure beauty. That being said, once you get there, one of the first things you will notice is the monumental and famous stained glass windows. The two main windows are the Creation Window and the Millennium Window, although very different, both are equally as impressive. The Creation Window portrays Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Created by Francis Spear, this stained glass window is a perfect example of classic design meeting intricate patterns. The Millennium Window, unveiled for the new year in 1999, is modern yet timeless. Its use of bold colour and shapes is something that can suit any type of uPVC window and door, modern or old.

Stirling Castle
The dramatic and powerful Stirling Castle has a history that dates all the way back to early 12th century. Steeped in fascinating legend, this incredible building is a must-see for all tourists and locals. Its demeanour and stature provides the area in which it sits with a certain regal and rustic charm. The stained glass windows in the Great Hall are a fantastic example of how simple designs can be the most effective. The different shields and emblems not only suit old windows but also suit more modern windows and doors. The diamond pattern including a symbol or image can be found in many of the designs in our uPVC windows and doors Scotland page.





St Michael’s Parish Church
The St Michael’s Parish Church in Linlithgow has been enticing people from all over the country for hundreds of years due to its classic design, immersive history and alluring interior. As soon as you enter through its grand doors your eyes are immediately drawn to the altar where you are greeted by one of the most beautiful stained glass windows around. The way the shapes and rich colours combine to convey a feeling of warmth and love is something we can all learn from. Granted that this, of course, is on a large scale, it is still worth thinking of for if you wish to portray warmth, style or sophistication through your new uPVC windows and doors.






St Josephs Church, Blantyre
The St Josephs Church in Blantyre, Glasgow is not one of the more obvious choices as it’s less well known than the others in our list, but do not let that stop you from paying it a visit. It has a simplistic yet elegant design that perfectly blends modern arches with a timeless and rustic interior. Recently, the church has been renovating the stained glass windows behind the altar in order to pay tribute to the victims of Scotland’s worst ever mining disaster. In a truly moving tribute to the 214 miners who sadly lost their lives in the explosion, they have created a beautiful mural which will touch your heart when you see it. This is a perfect example of how windows and doors can be used in different ways, so if you are thinking of updating your windows and doors, don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Pick something that may mean something special to you, such as a certain flower or symbol, that way every time you come home you are reminded of that special fond memory.





St Giles Cathedral
The St Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh was founded in the 12th century and has a reputation for astounding anyone who is lucky enough to see what it has to offer, not only from the outside but on the inside too. Its design is gothic and powerful yet delicate and intricate. Once you enter through its wondrous doors you are likely to be amazed by its huge arches and epic size. Wherever you look you will be taken back by the beauty of all its stained glass windows. Not only do they describe stories, but also have the capability to make you feel as if you are walking around a prestigious art gallery. The St Giles Cathedral uses many different shapes in its window design which can easily be incorporated into your home. If you want your windows and doors in Scotland to have a classic yet original look then this Cathedral is a great place to find inspiration.



uPVC Windows and Doors Scotland
So, you have seen the places, inevitably fallen in love with them, found some great new ideas and have decided to go with uPVC windows and doors in Scotland. Well, this is a great choice as not only are they highly durable but they are also only made with the highest quality. They are made using the most modern techniques around, ensuring they have fantastic acoustic and thermal qualities. Not only do uPVC windows and doors help to keep your home safe, they also have the ability to improve the look of any home they sit in thanks to their elegant and intercut designs.

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