Looking to sell your house? Recent research from the comparison site, has found exactly what Britons are looking for when it comes to buying a property – does your property tick all the boxes?

After asking just over 2,000 people, were able to put together a list of more than twenty features that UK homebuyers considered to be a must-have in a property. So, you may be wondering who took the top spots…


At the top of the must-have list for homebuyers, you will find central heating, followed closely by double-glazing, a garden, and secure doors and windows in order of priority.

That’s right, just under 80% of people considered central heating to be an essential factor in buying a new home, with 74% of those in the survey understanding the benefits and importance of having their doors and window double-glazed too.

Whether it’s down to the British climate or rising household bills, we’re seeing practical concerns overtake the aesthetics in terms of what is important about a property. Warmth and energy efficiency are now key players in the house-hunting game.


Those desires for stylish and much-admired period features like stained glass, high ceilings, and archways have been overruled, as people are opting to make room for technology – both literally and metaphorically…

Not far behind our British demands for central heating and double-glazing come other necessities, including a reliable broadband connection (53%), a good mobile phone signal (44%), and of course, a living room big enough for a large flat screen TV (39%).




There’s an obvious development in what homebuyers nowadays consider a priority in a home, from the demand for stylistic period designs to the modern essentials of a warm, cosy home with adequate phone signal.

On the plus side to people selling their homes, there’s no need to have a total re-design of your home to give it Georgian or Edwardian features. The interest and enthusiasm for having a house that is secure, warm and energy-efficient can be easily solved.


Around 25% of the total energy lost from your home escapes through your windows and doors. This wasted energy is not only costly to homeowners and their household bills, but also the environment.

At Art Windows and Doors, we provide premium triple-glazed and double-glazed windows that offer your home unbeatable energy-saving and money-saving benefits, proving 16% more efficiency than standard units.

Our first-rate windows and doors are a simple and affordable way to add real value to a property for owners and buyers, at the same time as helping the environment.


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