Changing the colour of your front door is a really useful way of improving the outside look of the property.  Did you know the colour you choose for the front door could be strongly linked to your personality though, or reveal the type of character you are?

We run through some of the most popular door colour choices and reveal what they might say about you and your home.


This is quite a traditional colour and most people feel at ease with a blue door. Often associated with trust and security, blue is a calm and stable shade, it can sometimes indicate power but is more often used to establish credibility.  Popular for period properties, blue works well on the vast majority of household doors.


Are green doors one of the most popular colour options? Well there’s been a song written about them so they must be fairly highly thought of.  Green is actually the colour most associated with wealth. It’s very easy on the eye and commonly linked with health, fertility and good luck. Homes with green doors have positive values.


Commonly associated with control, power and leadership, it’s no wonder 10 Downing Street has a black front door. Black has a feeling of strength and authority, but it’s also sophisticated, elegant and can be rather stylish too. Paint your door this colour or order a composite door in this shade if you like to have order in your life.


Friendly and outgoing, warm and sociable, that’s what a red door says about your home. Red is known as being an entertaining colour and that’s the type of person you are if you choose to select this shade. Known for a sense of excitement, red is also a passionate colour – does this sound a lot like you?


There’s been a significant rise in the popularity of grey doors recently but what does this colour say about you?  Some experts state it’s a sign of indecisiveness, a safe colour for people that don’t want to be too bold. Others say it’s simply a well-balanced colour that shows signs of stable and secure households.  Choose this for a neutral look that gives your home a sense of authority.

Whatever colour you prefer, whether you think it has symbolic meaning or you simply like the shade, we have plenty of options for you to choose here at Art Windows and Doors.

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