The Most Popular Door and Window Features for Home Security + Aesthetics

Okay, you’ve installed new windows and doors at your property. They have made a massive difference to your home exterior, but what accessories will you use with them?

You have plenty of interior choices, from a fresh coat of paint and lighting to curtains and nets, or shutters and blinds. All of these are good contenders, but which ones are best?

We examine some of the most worthy candidates for both doors and windows and take a closer look at their merits.



The good thing about curtains is you can coordinate them to match your home decor. Close them, and they work with PVC double glazing, helping trap heat within the home. 

They come in various sizes, and you can choose different fabrics. These can be displayed sing a variety of methods. From curtain poles to tracks and rods. Plus, if you get bored with the look, you can simply take them down and replace them in a matter of minutes with different-looking items.


Nets and voiles are good options if privacy is your main concern. They are available in a variety of styles, are relatively easy to hang and are simple to take down for cleaning purposes. Not everyone is a huge fan of nets though. If you prefer contemporary window dressings, nets might be a little old-fashioned for you.


The choice is never lacking if you are considering fitting blinds as window features. Different styles make shopping for blinds fun. Take your pick from rollers to Venetians, pleated Roman, plastic, metal or wooden slatted options. Blinds are suitable for all rooms within the property. Roller blinds are great for kitchens and bathrooms, pleated blinds look beautiful in bedrooms, and Venetians are practical for downstairs living areas.


Choose shutters if you want to create a classy plantation look at your property. Shutters are stylish, and they are available in a variety of configurations depending on your requirements: full height, cafe style or tier-on tier are just some of the options available.

Once you install a new set of double or triple-glazed windows, take your pick from any of the options we mention here and finish those frames in style.

Lock it, don’t lose it

Modern UPVC window frames are equipped with locks for one very good reason: to help safeguard your home. They cannot be blamed if you fail to use the locks and somebody breaks into your house when the property is empty. If you have locks fitted to the windows, use them, and prevent possessions from getting stolen.

Divert temptation 

Open windows attract attention from the wrong type of people. Leave downstairs windows open whilst you are upstairs on the property for example and be under no illusion, criminals will act on impulse if they spot an opportunity. Criminals take advantage of open invites. Give them any excuse to steal from you and they will. Protect lower levels and secure windows when you go out, spend prolonged periods in the back garden, or venture upstairs for a while.

Add window contacts

Burglar alarms are a good deterrent if you are worried about home security. Fit new windows and you can link them to the alarm system by adding window contacts in relevant areas. If a thief tries to gain entry through a window, and the contact is broken, this will trigger the alarm and the noise should send the burglar packing.

[H2] Doors 

A chic door frame

Door frame replacement does not have to be a task. Instead, your front door frame only requires a screwdriver and some hammering. With a range of ornate, rustic or multi-coloured door frames available online, your home entrance will be looking hot to trot in no time. 


There are a multitude of uPVC door frame accessories available. Whether modern and sleek door hinges, an architrave finishing tram or a stainless steel door handle, you can easily customise the gateway to home! 

Installing lighting

Installing a front door light is a great way to deter criminals while improving the appearance of your door! A door light switch can easily fit next to the frame, allowing white light to illuminate any new accessories. 

Fit and use door locks

Recent stats suggest a high percentage of burglars gain access to properties through the front door. This sometimes happens when people are at home on the property. Therefore close and lock front doors to prevent this from happening, even when you are at home. Upgrade door cylinders to industry-approved locks to prevent thieves from tampering with them and breaking into your home.

Install a door chain

Another good security measure that people often forget about is the hardy door chain. All it takes is a second or so to click the chain into position and once fastened it provides an effective barrier from trespassers or doorstep con artists.

Use peepholes 

Why open the door at all? Fit a peephole and you can see straight away who’s visiting you at home. If they are strangers, calling at your home unannounced, and acting suspiciously, don’t bother opening the door. Take a peek and prevent unauthorised access. A peephole is a practical but highly useful security measure.

Carefully consider how you can improve window and door security around the home and you feel safer as you spend time inside the property.

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