How to make the front of your home as attractive as possible

When people are coming to your house, whether to visit, or potentially buy it, their first impressions will be made by seeing the outside of your home. Just a split second is enough for someone to dismiss the charm and beauty of your home, so it’s important to make the most out of the front of your home. Whilst a bad impression can be made extremely quickly, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to ensure the front of your home has kerb appeal.

Paint your door

This is extremely simple, but your front door is the thing people will notice first. Depending on your house, you may want to try high gloss bright colours, which are currently in style. Black is a classic option and will work well with any building. Matte, muted and washed-out colours offer a contemporary look.

Choose high-quality door furniture

Spending extra money for high-quality door furniture will really make a difference to the appearance of the outside of your home. Always choose door furniture that compliments your property, for example, a heavy Victorian door knocker will simply look wrong unless your home is Victorian. Brushed aluminium and chrome work brilliantly for modern homes.

Invest in lighting

A lantern in a portico entrance or lamps either side of your front door will give a dramatic and striking look to any property. Make sure the lighting you use isn’t too big, or it’ll come off as brash and tacky. Lighting your driveway or placing lights in your shrubbery is the perfect way to subtly light your garden.

The approach to the front door

Whether you have steps, a driveway or a garden path, you need to make sure they’re swept from leaves and free of rubbish. All your cars and bikes should neatly be parked for a good look. If you have a porch, you will need to work hard to ensure it doesn’t become a dumping ground for your clutter.


Cleaning your windows regularly will avoid them looking dirty and unkempt. Rotten window frames need to be replaced as soon as possible, and if you’re getting new windows, ensure they fit the style of the rest of the house. Additionally, all your blinds and curtain linings should match when seen from the outside of your house.

There are a few options for cleaning windows you cannot reach. You can purchase a set of ladders, bring the windows closer to you (if you can) or buy the appropriate equipment. Certain types of window cleaning equipment can make it super easy to reach high-up windows or those with difficult access. Or, you can always hire a professional window cleaning company to clean them for you. 

Clean windows are vital to an attractive home. To aid with this, Arts Windows & Doors have collated the best ways to clean windows you cannot reach.  

Clean Outside Windows with a Ladder

Using ladders, of course, comes with a slight risk. Ladders aren’t everyone’s first pick due to the health and safety issues of working at height. Most accidents involving ladders apply to the workplace where employers have a duty of care for agencies working on their premises. It can also apply to the impact upon domestic window cleaning. If you’re going to use a ladder to clean those hard-to-reach windows, take the necessary precautions. Make sure you don’t overstretch or lean too far. Most importantly, stay alert and take it slowly.

Rotate or Remove the Window

Some windows can dislodge from their frames. This move will enable you to clean and maintain the window, although these types of windows are rare. Other windows may allow you to rotate the outer facing surfaces to the inside for easy cleaning.

Hire a Professional Window Cleaning Company

Most professional window cleaning companies use telescopic water-fed poles to reach high-up windows. You can buy these yourself, but they can be expensive for a good one. Hiring a professional window cleaner means you don’t have to do this yourself – which is the appeal. You also know they will do excellent jobs as they have more experience. 

You may not have the time, physical fitness or ability to clean your windows. There’s no shame in getting a professional in. A professional window cleaning company has many benefits, such as leaving your windows streak-free! 

Professionals know what they’re doing, so they can remove any worries you may have about this task. 

Purchase Window Cleaning Equipment

You can purchase some simple tools that can do a brilliant job at cleaning windows out of reach. A flat microfibre mop can clean reachable windows, but for hard-to-reach windows, it may not clean them as thoroughly as you’d like. While it may remove most surface debris and dirt, it may not be gleaming clean.

Alternatively, there are magnetic cleaning kits which come in two parts. A part clings to the outside of the window, while the second part fits inside the handle. The outer portion will usually have a string affixed to prevent accidents. 

There’s a method to completing this, although it may appear difficult initially. The results will improve the more you use it and get used to manoeuvring it. 

Basic window cleaning equipment comprises the following:

  • Bucket
  • Ladder
  • Mop
  • Squeegee
  • Scraper
  • Rag or Chamois


Without water your window cleaning exploits are over before they begin. The ideal item to carry water in is a bucket. Don’t use a round container though. Buy an oblong bucket and this makes it easier for you to dip different types of tools into the water.


You need a good head for heights if you are going to clean upper-level windows at home. The easiest way to access upstairs glazing is via a ladder and something lightweight made from aluminium is best. Two or three-way ladders are sturdy and durable, add a stopper to the base to improve stability.


Don’t confuse a window cleaning mop with a floor mop. They look nothing like one another. Window mops are t-bar-shaped tools, they are fitted with a fabric sleeve and you dip them directly into water then run them up and down glazing to remove dirt and grime. Attach an extending pole to the t-bar section and you can use the mop from the ground level.


Squeegees look a little like handheld windscreen wipers. Basically, they are t-bars equipped with handles, come equipped with a rubber edge, and are used for wiping soap and water from windows.


Every once in a while you get a stubborn stain on a window and no matter how hard you try, it simply will not budge. This is where a scraper can be useful. They are often used to remove baked-on bird droppings or the remains of splattered bugs. Care should be taken if using a scraper to prevent scratching or permanent damage to the glazing.


Keep a clean rag handy if you are washing windows. This can be used to remove soap and excess water from window frames and more often than not, this dries and looks untidy when left as it is. Old strips of towelling are good for this purpose. You could also use a chamois if you prefer.

This pretty much covers the basics of window cleaning tools. Simply add a little detergent to a bucket of water, use these tools, and double glazing will be super sparkly afterwards.

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