How to Clean Outside Windows You Can’t Reach

There are a few options for cleaning outside windows you can’t reach. You can either purchase a set of ladders, bring the windows closer to you (if you can) or purchase the appropriate equipment. Certain types of window cleaning equipment can make it super easy to reach high up windows or those with difficult access. Or, you can always hire a professional window cleaning company to clean them for you.

Clean Outside Windows with a Ladder

Using ladders, of course, comes with a slight risk. Ladders aren’t everyone’s first pick due to the health and safety issues and risks that come with working at height. Most accidents involving ladders obviously apply to the workplace where employers have a duty of care for agencies working on their premises, but it can also apply to the impact upon domestic window cleaning. If you’re going to use a ladder to clean those hard to reach windows, take the necessary precautions. Make sure you don’t overstretch or lean too far. Most importantly, stay alert and take it slowly.

Rotate or Remove the Window

Some windows can be disassembled from their frames and this will enable you to clean and maintain the window, although these types of window are very rare. Other windows may enable you to rotate the outer facing surfaces to the inside for easy cleaning.

Purchase Window Cleaning Equipment

You can purchase some simple tools that can do a brilliant job at cleaning windows out of reach. A flat microfibre mop can be used to clean reachable windows, but for hard to reach windows, it may not clean them as thoroughly as you’d like. While it may remove most surface debris and dirt, it may not be gleaming clean.

Alternatively, there are magnetic cleaning kits which come in two parts. One part clings to the outside of the window with a cleaning surface and the second part fits inside of the handle. To prevent accidents from happening, the outer portion will usually have a string affixed to it. There’s a method to using this though, and it may seem difficult at first. The results will become better and better the more you use it and get used to manoeuvring it. 

Hire a Professional Window Cleaning Company

Most professional window cleaning companies will use telescopic water-fed poles to reach high up windows. You can buy these yourself, but they can be expensive for a good one. Hiring a professional window cleaner means that you don’t have to do this yourself, which is the major appeal. You also know they’re going to do a good job as they’re likely much more experienced. 

You may just not have the time, physical fitness or ability to clean your windows yourself. There’s no shame in getting a professional in. A professional window cleaning company has many benefits such as leaving your windows streak-free! 

Professionals know what they’re doing so they can take away any worries that you may have about this task. 


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