How Much Would It Cost to Live in These 10 Netflix Original Homes?

Ever wondered if the homes in your favourite Netflix Originals shows are real? Or how much they’d cost in real life?

Maybe you’ve noticed them because they’re truly spectacular, or just because the home has a certain uniqueness to it. We’ve listed 10 of the most popular and searched for Netflix homes, using public data to reveal exactly how much it would cost to live in these homes. The popularity of these homes could, of course, encourage future buyers to pay more for these properties but for simplicity, we’re going with their structural worth.

The homes within the list are featured in Dead to me, Ozark, The Stranger, Sex Education, Stranger Things, Haunting of Hill House, Grace and Frankie, Fuller House, Riverdale and YOU, all of which you can find on Netflix.

Dead to Me - Jen's house

Image Credit: globalfilmlocations

When selecting Jen’s home, producers wanted the house to perfectly contrast the dark storyline of the show. If you’ve been pulled into the secret lives of Jen and Judy during the show, you’ve definitely noticed the luxurious home they live in. You’d expect nothing less than a beautiful home as Jen is a successful realtor. While Jen’s home is located in Laguna Hills during the series, the real home is located in Sherman Oaks. The property does not feature a guest house, filming of the guest house was an addition in the studio.

It’s a 5 bedroom home that was built in the 1960s with 4 and a half bathrooms and dramatically high ceilings.

ozark - the byrde House

Image Credit: Netflix

The Byrde family home isn’t by the Lake of the Ozarks, but rather by Lake Lanier, in Flowery Branch, Georgia. You may be surprised that their home is in Georgia and not Missouri, however, most of the locations you see in Ozark are filmed in Georgia.

Tax incentives were the main reason for the filmmakers choice. Tax incentives and lower production costs have made Georgia a popular filming location for a lot of recognisable movies and tv shows such as Tony Stark’s cabin in Avengers: Endgame and the location were also used for Godzilla: King of Monsters as well as other homes on this list.

The Stranger - The Price House

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This highly-rated series was set in Manchester. The family are depicted living in the 4,500 sqft, detached Grade II-listed property on Didsbury Park, off Wilmslow Road, named Park End House.

According to Manchester Evening News the home used to accommodate “24 female students and was in a really dreadful state; two dilapidated kitchens, sinks in all the bedrooms, a tree growing out of the backroom and a jungle of a garden.” According to The Tab, it went on the market for a cool £1.45 million back in 2013 so it could be worth much more now.

Sex Education - Jean & Otis' House

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The series was filmed in various locations in South Wales and parts of Gloucestershire. Otis and his mother Jean live in a very distinctive house that got many viewers wondering where the house was located. Their home overlooks the River Wye, South Wales and boasts a Norwegian-inspired red and white exterior. The owners bought it for £350,000 in 2002, but it could be worth millions since the show. If you love this house you can keep up to date via Instagram.

Stranger Things - Wheeler House

Image Credit: strangerthings fandom

The Wheeler House is the residence of the Wheeler family in Hawkins, Indiana. It is located on Maple Street, in the vicinity of the Sinclair and Blackburn houses. However, the real house is located on Piney Wood Lane in East Point of Georgia. The interior of the house during the series was not the interior of this home. Instead, it was built on a stage in EUE/Screen Gems Studios in Atlanta.

The Haunting of Hill House

Image Credit: Netflix

The Haunting of Hill House was filmed in Atlanta, Georgia. Exteriors of the Hill House were shot at the Bisham Manor in LaGrange. The property is an impressive 1920’s English Tudor-style mansion. It is usually used for weddings and similar guest-hosting functions.

The house is surrounded by gardens that border a lake called West Point Lake. Interiors were filmed at Screen Gem Studios in Atlanta.

Grace and Frankie - The Beach House

Image Credit: Netflix & Melissa Mosley

The luxury property is located at 31 212 Broad Beach Road in Malibu, California. According to Zillow, the unique beach house was last sold for 15 million dollars in 2006. The estimate is around 30 million dollars now. Malibu fires could have something to do with the decline in price, but the Financial Times say Malibu house prices are now rising again.

The house was built on a 0,39 acres lot and it has Malibu beach as its backyard. It’s nothing short of amazing, even in real life.

Fuller House - Fuller House

Image Credit: allthatinteresting

The real house is located at 1709 Broderick St in San Francisco and it was used for exterior shots only. The interior is shot at a studio in Burbank, California. A real estate agent who sold houses on Broderick St estimated that the house would easily sell for over $3 million, and maybe even $3.5 million with some renovations. This is no surprise seen as the real house is located in San Francisco. Living in one of the most expensive cities in the US just wouldn’t have been an option for the family in real life.

Riverdale - Archie's House

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Archies real home is not located in Riverdale. You’ll find the yellow house that he once shared with his father at 2037 E. 3rd Avenue, Grandview-Woodland, British Columbia. Betty’s house is not located next door either, in fact, she lived quite away from Archie’s house. Her house is located in Westminster. The price may surprise you, but Vancouver is said to be the most expensive place to live in Canada.

YOU - Joe's LA Apartment

Image Credit: globalfilmlocations

Unfortunately, the individual price of the apartment was not available as it’s within a complex. However, Joe only ever rented this property. Joe’s apartment looks like almost every other apartment complex in LA, which makes it the perfect location for Joe to keep a low profile. The flat pictured is located on 1830 Winona Boulevard, LA. In real life, the complex features parking, an onsite manager, and 25 units with hardwood flooring and crown mouldings.

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