There’s so much more to your front door than a simple means of entering your house. Sure this is the threshold to the property, but a doorway is so much more than that, as we aim to explain in this blog.

Stop taking your door for granted. It serves your home so well in countless ways, even if you don’t
realise it.

Here’s what your door does –

Adds Character

Whether you approach your home from a driveway or plod towards it on a path, a front door creates a sense of character for your property. People notice entranceways to properties, hang a feature door on the front of your house and this adds to the general ambience of the home, whilst introducing a sense of style at the same time.

Provides Insulation

Modern doors are made from energy efficient materials and that’s really useful if you want to insulate the property. By fitting a front door you can help to keep warmth inside the home and keep those winter chills outside. Composite doors for example have enhanced thermal efficiency so your hallway feels warmer throughout the year.

Prevents Draughts

Fit a new thermal efficient door and this prevent breezes and currents of air from entering your hallway. Draughts are more noticeable around older types of doors that fail to sit snugly in their frames. Hang a snug-fitting door equipped with draught-proofing qualities and you won’t be affected by unwanted airstreams, no matter how windy it is outside.

Enhances Security

Apart from making your home warmer, a front door also has other uses as well. Take home security for instance. By fitting a sturdy door equipped with insurance approved locks, you vastly improve safety and enhance protection around the property. Not only is the door harder to force open, it becomes a visual deterrent to thieves.

Highlights Your Personality

Different styles of doors can be used to express your personality. As well as having plenty of material choices, you can also choose unique colours to reflect your mood or style tastes, personalising the door and making the home a little bit different.

When you think about it, front doors have so much to offer so isn’t it time you thought about having a door upgrade? Simply contact us here at Art Windows and Doors for the best possible deals.

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