So it’s Christmas, time to start decorating our homes, right? Well, what home would be truly decorated without a wreath or set of lights on the front door? It’s no use lighting up and going all out on the inside if none can see it on the outside.

                                                                                                                        Wreaths                                                                                                                              Wreaths. Would it really be Christmas without wreaths on the front door?! In the past few years, wreaths have become a dying trend and now doors and porches are adopting a more modern Christmas look, with miniature trees, polar bears and other festive decorations! But a wreath, in our eyes, is still the traditional decoration that should be used! Even if you’re going all out and placing the North Pole right at your front door, a wreath is never out of place! We’ve seen a few, simple wreath designs on people’s front doors that are striking and really show why a wreath should be the choice of decoration (or, at least, one of them) this Christmas.


This is possibly one of the most decorative doors that include a wreath. Adding hanging snowflakes and other festive items, really adds to the effect of the wreath. Source: meredith.com


This door has decided to just stick with the wreath design, but rather than a singular wreath on the door, they have gone for a larger wreath resembling flourish to the outside of the door! Source: meredith.com


This simple wreath has had baubles added to it to give it a slight Christmas tree resemblance. The potted plants have also had some festivity added to them! Source: meredith.com

Although technically not a wreath, we’re going to allow this as a variation! Wreath turned reindeer, this awesome piece attracts the eye, while the open windows allow you to see the other festive decorations inside! Source: mychristmas.com


This festive door uses their wreath as the ‘O’ from the festive word ‘JOY’! A great idea that means not only have they gone traditional, but they’ve also managed to add a few extra touches! Source: betterdecoratingbible.com

                                                                                                                         Stockings                                                                                                                                  Stockings are best suited to the mantle piece. But adding one to your front door isn’t such a bad idea either! They can be incorporated easily into plenty of festive door designs and can also be used for their true purpose – Storing items. Hang one on your door and add candy canes to it for a festive treat on your way out the door, maybe even add evergreen clippings for a more festive look or even a plush polar bear or penguin to give a fun childish look!

This stocking has been hung and had some festive clippings stuffed inside! A great way to make your front door stand out! Source: pinterest.com


This stocking has been stuffed with flowers. Perhaps not the most festive filling ever but it still does the job! Drawing attention to the stocking that is hung! Source: azcentral.com

                                                                                                                        Wrapped Doors                                                                                                               Wrapping is usually reserved for presents and gifts, but that shouldn’t stop you! Wrapping your door is a great way to show your festivities! Not one of the most common ways to decorate the outside of your house, but quite possibly one of the best looking!

The use of a bow with the strips around the door making this door look ever more inviting! Without compromising and adding tons of other decorations, this design is minimal but eye-catching! Source: naptimedecorator.net


This door uses the wrapping with a bow, as well as the wreath-like display on the outside of the frame! Both contrasting well, they draw the eye and invite you in. Source: pinterest.com


This one has even added the extra flourish of a tag! Bringing to life the idea of the door really being a present! Great idea! Source: lizoncall.com


This door went all out and actually wrapped the door! Using wrapping paper and a bow this door truly does look just like a present waiting to be opened! Source: pinterest.com

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