Suffering a break-in can leave you feeling unsafe and insecure in your own home. Burglars will often try to break-in through your front door, so making it as secure as possible could save you a lot of problems, and possibly stop someone from breaking in altogether. If you’re unsure how to secure your front door, follow these steps to give your family peace of mind.

Install a heavy-duty deadbolt

A dead bolt is a low-cost and high-value addition to both your home and your security system. There are different varieties of dead bolt to choose from, including double-cylinder deadbolts that are keyed on both sides and single cylinder dead bolts that are keyed on just one side. When you choose your deadbolt, ensure it has a Grade 1 security rating, and add a strike box to solidly secure it to the frame.

Add a strike box

Strike boxes work by reinforcing the lock system. It works by replacing your existing strike plates with a structure consisting of a metal pocket and over-sized plates. This creates a solid connection to the wall stud behind the doorjamb by using 3 inch screws. In order to accommodate a strike box, you’ll need to enlarge the holes in the doorjamb and the cover plate recess.

Add a reinforcer plate

Using a three-sided metal reinforcement plate will add an extra layer of security through encasing a door around its deadbolt and handset. You will need to measure the thickness of your door, the handset and dead bolt hole diameter and the distance between its edge and the centre of the setback. When you install s reinforce plate, the door’s edge is typically extended, so you will most likely need to deepen the hinge mortises on the other side to prevent sticking and catching.

Install a wide angle peephole

A wide-angle peephole will allow you to complete a larger scale screening of any unexpected visitors. They fit any doors up to 2 inches thick, and are incredibly easy to install. To stop any would-be intruders using reverse peephole equipment, make sure you buy one with a cover.

Re-key the lock

Re-keying the lock is the easiest way to enhance the security of your door, especially if you’re not the first person to live in that building. You can find new locks to match most brands at hardware stores and home improvement centres for both dead bolts and entrance locks.

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