What is the Best Front Door Colour?

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One of the biggest decisions you need to make when you get a front door is the colour, but the colour of your front door can say a lot about you, so how do you know which one to go for? There are many factors you need to consider when choosing your front door colour; from house colour to building style, and even Feng Shui.

You might spend hours browsing for front door colour ideas, but ultimately, the choice is personal to you and it can show your personality. At Art Windows and Doors, we have a variety of door colours to choose from, so we can help you with all your external and internal doors.

Whether you choose to decide your colour based on house design, style, trends, Feng Shui, or just your personal favourite colour, it can help set the tone for your entire house, so choosing a colour that complements the rest of your decor is important.

Why is the Colour of Your Front Door Important?

The colour of your front door is important for many reasons. It symbolises you to the world outside, and it can even add to your curb appeal and value of your house. Some other reasons that the colour of your front door is important include:

  • It can affect your mood. Because it’s one of the first and last things you see, it’s important for you to choose your door colour based on what makes you happy.

  • It lets you show off your personality and personal sense of style, as well as making your home unique and bespoke to you.

  • It’s the first thing your guests see.

  • It sets the tone for your home decor.

  • It’s a simple yet effective home improvement technique.

Choosing Your Front Door Colour Based on the Style of the Building

There are different colours that work well with different types of buildings, so you may want to choose your front door based on the style of building you live in. Period homes tend to favour classic colours, for example, blues and reds, so these doors will always look good with these types of buildings, whereas seaside or beach properties look best with pastel shades or a colour palette that matches well with the sea, such as turquoise, pale blues and greens.

Another style of building that matches well with a pastel-coloured door is a country cottage or country house. Pastel pinks, greens, yellows, and blues can be an addition to the flowers and fields, and look great in their natural surroundings. These buildings also look good with natural shades and natural woods to match the surroundings of the building.

The best colour for a red-brick house, popular in the UK, is dark blue. This is part of colour theory, because the dark blue and orange hues of the house are exact opposites on the colour wheel, and so the classic colour of the door complements the warm, earthy tones of the brickwork. Similarly, muted tones aren’t recommended for white houses, as they can make the house look washed out, so many choose brighter shades to make a bold statement or classic colours in deeper shades.

Another factor to consider when choosing the colour of your front door based on the style of the building is the trim and the window frames. Ideally, you want the colour of the door to stand out against the trim, and with the most popular colour of trim being white, you can choose almost any colour to make it stand out. However, it’s worth keeping this in mind, because not all door trims are white.

Choosing Your Front Door Colour Based on Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese practice of arranging pieces in living places to create balance with the natural world and surroundings. The goal is to harness energy and establish harmony between you and your environment.

The colour of your door is important for feng shui, as it represents your presentation to the world, and different colours represent different things. In Feng Shui, your door also represents how positive energy and opportunity come into your life, so it is one of the most important decisions you need to make in your home.

The direction your house faces can also impact your feng shui, so some people choose their door colours for this reason. The table below details what door colours mean in Feng Shui.

Door Colour

Feng Shui Meaning


Clear home from negative energy, protection.


Attract good energy.


Support, balance, stability


Brightens the home


New beginnings and growth


Communication and joy




Invite in helpful people and benefactors


The overall best colour for good Feng Shui is red, as it is the most auspicious colour in feng shui, and in Chinese culture overall. It also represents good luck, so many who choose to base their door colour on feng shui pick red for the colour of their door.



The Best Front Door Colours to Choose If You Want to Sell Your House

A picture of a black front door.

If you are thinking of selling your house in the near future, then your choice of door colour can also impact that. Certain colours can increase the value and perception of your house and can give it a luxury feel. Black is a timeless, neutral colour that can help you sell your home, and some suggest that it is the best colour to paint your door if you want to do so, as it is a popular choice for making your house look classic.

Other colours that are widely accepted as good colours to paint your door to sell your home are the traditional colours of red, blue and green. These are considered the safest of all door colours, and can also add a timeless, classic feel to your house. That being said, it is recommended to choose colours that complement the building style and colour if you want to add real value to your home and appeal to the widest selection of potential buyers.

Why Choose Art Windows & Doors

Whatever colour front door you choose, Art Windows and Doors are here to help. We have both composite and uPVC doors in various shades to suit any style. We also have:

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