Why we have chosen XtremeDoors

Undeniably impressive and packed full of fantastic features, XtremeDoor composite doors not only provide the highest level of protection from burglars but can also save you money on your heating bills. A combination of style, security and savings all contribute to help make some of the best composite doors around.


A huge 67% of all burglars break in through the door in order to access the property so it’s crucial that your doors are as strong as they possibly can be. Built with fantastic features, such as an impact-resistant GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic)skin and a five point locking system, XtremeDoor composite doors provide such strong security that even the police struggle to get in. The incredible strength of these composite doors not only provides protection from thieves but also provides superior protection against the elements.

Saving you money

Up to 19% more thermally efficient than its competitors, all of the XtremeDoor composite doors achieve a minimum B-Rating on the energy efficiency rating. The triple seal that comes as standard with their composite doors provides a reliable and powerful weather-tight seal that simply can’t be matched. Six times more thermally efficient than a traditional timber door, you can start saving money on your heating bills as soon as it’s fitted!

Customer Satisfaction

XtremeDoor understands just how important customer satisfaction really is and this is why they provide an impressive 10-year guarantee on all of their composite doors. Always putting the customer’s needs first and providing only the best quality materials, XtremeDoor has been able to rise above its competitors and become many people’s number one choice for composite doors within the UK.

Value for Money

Not only can they help save you money but their combination of high-quality materials, high thermal performance and extreme security all add up to make their composite doors fantastic value for money. Equally as stylish as they are strong, XtremeDoor provide doors that you can rely on for years and years.

If you are interested in seeing how XtremeDoor can save you both energy and money then feel free to get in touch for a FREE quote!

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