Why we chose Rehau products

At Art Windows and Doors, there’s no denying that we always choose the best. We only use top quality products to provide your homes with a comprehensive guarantee on all windows and doors.

We have expanded our company and are now proudly selling VEKA Windows too. With such beautiful and individual products it was an easy decision. For more information on VEKA click here

With you in mind

Rehau were one of the first companies to produce and sell uPVC window and door systems, making them experts in their trade. This means that they know what works and what doesn’t – and what is perfectly suited to you.

We’ve got our customers in the front of our minds here at Art Windows and Doors, and that’s what we like about Rehau too. They design all of their top-quality products with you in mind, making sure that all their customers find their goods to be efficient, reliable and worth the cost.

Saving energy

Not only are Rehau products effective and efficient for you and your home, they are energy-efficient too. The company are dedicated to finding new ways that we can lower our carbon footprint by manufacturing environmentally friendly building solutions.

They are always on the hunt to find out how our impact on the environment can be minimised, and this can be seen in all of the windows and doors that they design. One way they’ve done this is by recycling 80% of all manufacturing off-cuts in the production of window profiles.


In buying energy efficient goods from manufacturers such as Rehau, you are saving yourself money as well. Not only will your windows and doors be storing energy far better, but their durability ensures a comprehensive guarantee.

Both uPVC windows and doors provide greater energy efficiency than other alternatives. The windows offer great insulation, and both are far stronger and easier upkeep than windows and doors made out of wood.

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